Ro2. biz professional web advertising/publishing services

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Ro2. biz professional web advertising/publishing services

Mesaj  onuflorin23 la data de Sam Sept 17, 2011 7:07 am

What is is an innovative new advertiser, the best services to the market. In terms of services, is known better than Google Adsense.

For advertiser:

Pay only for what you receive, regardless of the number of impressions your ad will receive you will only pay for click-throughs!

Real time reports, which include number of impressions receive, ip and contry.

Say NO to estimations! Set your own CPC, no hidden fees, no additional taxes

100% Control of your funds, add or retract whenever you want

Determine if you want unique IP clicks per day or simply unique visits per each IP address

Targeted advertising based on multiple categories!

Unlike all other ad networks we provide human support 24/7

For publisher:

The best way for website / blog owners to make money for basically nothing, in other words...

make money while you sleep!

Publishers receive 100% rate. Ro2.Biz doesn't keep any taxes

Set your own minimum CPC rate! Unlike any other ad server Ro2.Biz allows it's publishers to decide how much they want to earn

Real time revenue and statistics

Cashouts processed within 48 hours with a minimum of $1.00 USD (Ro2.Biz is the only ad network to provide this feature)

No minimum amount of page views or unique users required to add a website in our network

Unlike all other ad networks we provide human support 24/7


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